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Hey , my name is Boo. My Husband Jamey plays Bass/Guitar for Twice Born and the both of us have written several of the songs they sing. Below is a blog I have started to hopefully encouarge and inspire you. May God bless you. Click on the blogs below to read the blogs entire content.
  1. Help me find it ..
    26 Feb, 2017
    Help me find it ..
    In 2014, I was at a crossroads in my life. I had worked for a company for twenty - one and a half years and I was feeling that is was time for me to leave. My job took up so much of my time and it was physically taking a toll on my body. Since it supplied more than half of our income, I worried, would we be able to pay off our bills if I left? I struggled with this decision for many months. I worked for a great company with a job that was hard to come by, but my Joy had left me.   While I was
  2. God Elects Who Man Rejects
    06 Sep, 2016
    God Elects Who Man Rejects
    I woke up the other morning and turned on the T.V and heard a good message from a preacher. One thing really stood out to me during his message. God Elects Who Man Rejects. So whether you are that kid at school who no one saves a seat for or is picked last on a team, remember you are special in God's eyes. If you are a teenager that never gets asked out on a date, you're special in God's eyes. To the adult that was rejected thinking you are not good enough or pretty enough , you are special in